East Sussex-based, I live in two places: one deep in the countryside, the other on the seashore. Both, peaceful and tranquil. I’m also a free spirit and regularly escape to the four corners of the globe for new experiences. Living for today, my work oscillates between the dramatic and the playful. Being intuitive, I produce everything quickly, 'in the moment'.
About my practice …
I was a writer long before I became a photographer. Growing up, I wrote poems and stories inspired by pictures on my bedroom wall. These days, my writing is triggered by emotion so productivity fluctuates depending on my state of mind. Sometimes it’s haiku, mostly it’s free form. However, it’s always written quickly when the feeling comes, and usually captured on my phone.
My photography mixes fine art and photojournalistic travel and portraiture. I use black and white to create impact with pared back images, whereas I juxtapose colour and structure to forge striking memories of precious moments abroad. All the while, aiming to capture a sense of the moments we can easily miss - texture, light, shape, colour,
My art practice is experimental, and I'm often surprised by what I make. I blend colours and shift form to produce something abstract and unique. These altered realities are energetic representations of a time and place, real and imagined.
What motivates me …
I want people to connect emotionally to my work and use imagination to interpret what they're seeing. I want you to be intrigued and drawn in, whether to the colour, the form, or the face in front of you. 
I have a great sense of adventure so travel inspires me. I like to capture the essence of a place, and find that a friendly smile can result in some memorable interactions. Spirituality is important to me and I love experiencing what this means in other cultures.
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